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To register for classes, please fill out our registration form, print it out and remit to:

Tree of Life Tai Chi Center
11 Bow St.
Somerville, MA 02143

Please note for the Spring 2018 quarter, the Sunday 9:15 AM Level I class is closed to new students.

Tuition and Refund Policy

Because of the long-term nature of learning Tai Chi, the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center does not offer a drop-in or pay-per-class option. Interested students are required to commit to a full quarter in order to participate in ongoing classes.

In the event of an unexpected need to withdraw from a course that has been paid for, refunds minus 20% will be granted if the participant has attended two classes or less. Refunds will not be granted if three or more classes have been attended.

In some special cases -- and only when two classes or less have been attended -- tuition may be applied to another quarter that begins within six months.

Joining classes already under way: students can join Level I Tai Chi classes through week 9 of the 12-week program. Beginning in week 7, tuition may be discounted by 25%.
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