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Push Hands

Push Hands refers to a broad range of two-person exercises designed to apply and develop the energetic and martial principles of the Tai Chi solo form. The two-person forms range from simple stationary exercises to choreographed two-person sets. Our Push Hands curriculum emphasizes playfulness and the development and maintenance of self-awareness, while physically and energetically interacting with others.

Level I
In this course students are introduced to 8 traditional Push Hands exercises. These exercises help develop sensitivity to another person's movement and energy, teach us how we physically and emotionally respond to "being pushed," and improve our ability to remain relaxed and rooted while interacting with others.

Level II-IV
Levels II through IV introduce the "hidden techniques" of Push Hands as developed and taught by Tai Chi Master Arthur Goodridge. The hidden techniques introduce numerous exercises and methods for expressing and delivering energy using little outward or "obvious" motion. This training introduces the student to some of the so-called "secrets" of internal martial arts.
"Use the mind to direct the chi and the chi to mobilize the body."

Tai Chi Grandmaster
Cheng Man-Ching
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