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Qigong (Chi Kung), loosely translated as the cultivation of internal energy, or "Qi" (Chi), is the foundation of all internal healing and martial arts, including Tai Chi. Our carefully designed curriculum centers around two traditional Qigong systems: Taoist Medical Qigong and Yiquan.

Taoist Qigong is based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and emphasizes the balance and alchemical integration of yin and yang energies within the body. Yiquan Qigong has its roots in the martial arts, and emphasizes mind-body integration, deep relaxation, and strengthening of the sinews. Both of these complementary systems of Qigong include moving exercises, sitting and standing meditations, breathing and visualization techniques to strengthen the body, balance the emotions, and harmonize the flow of the body's energy.


Level I

This course emphasizes developing the mind-body connection and gently opening the musculoskeletal and energy meridian systems. In addition to a learning a simple Qigong calisthenics warm-up set, students are taught three traditional Qigong forms and meditations: Eight Pieces of Brocade, Six Healing Sounds, and the Inner Smile. Basic breathing and self-massage healing techniques are introduced in this class.

Level II
In this level, students are introduced to the basic alchemical principles underlying Medical Qigong and Taoist Meditation, and how to safely open and integrate specific energy centers and channels of the body. Three traditional Qigong sets are taught: Ocean Breathing, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, and Wuji Standing Meditation.

Level III
This course emphasizes harmonizing and further refining internal energy by working with principles related to the five elements of Chinese medicine. Students are taught Fusion of the 5 Elements meditation and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels moving Qigong set. More advanced breathing, self-massage, and healing techniques are also introduced.


Level I

This course emphasizes deep relaxation, mind-body awareness, and the development of internal energy. Students are introduced to traditional sitting and standing Yiquan meditation, as well as a set of six moving Qigong forms.

Level II
This level emphasizes strengthening and integrating the musculoskeletal system and increasing the body's capacity to store Qi. More advanced sitting, standing, and moving Qigong sets are introduced, as are more aerobic exercises.

Level III
This level emphasizes increasing the body's capacity to express or discharge energy. Two-person exercises as well as additional moving and standing sets are introduced.
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