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The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

In 2013, Peter completed The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, jointly published by Harvard Health Publications and Shambhala Press. As expressed in the Introduction, the book:
"...grew out of my long-standing training in Tai Chi, my interest in mind-body research, and my balance as both a practitioner and a researcher ... I assemble and integrate in this book a diverse set of knowledge from both the East and the West -- from the simplified Tai Chi exercises outlined to the ancient roots of Tai Chi and the modern science substantiating its health claims -- with the sincere intention and hope that it will enrich your life and help provide you with a roadmap for your own Tai Chi journey."
In this book, you will find:
"...Part of the goal of mixing scientific evidence with Eastern wisdom ... is that knowledge gives you power. If you understand how the body works and the amazing degree to which it can regulate itself, and you understand how Tai Chi accentuates multiple self-healing processes, this knowledge can allay much of the fear associated with illnesses as they arise and empower you to play a leading, central role in your own health. Gaining a more intimate knowledge of how your body works may even catalyze your progress in Tai Chi training. My hope is that this knowledge will also intrigue Tai Chi instructors to become more interested and knowledgeable about the research so they are better able to communicate and collaborate with the conventional medical community and better serve their students."

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