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"As a tai chi practitioner of 30+ years, I have been amazed by how much this program has transformed my own practice and given me the language and confidence to teach others. As the director of a rehabilitation program in an academic hospital, I see the health benefits this practice offers to so many."

N.C., speech/language pathologist, Director of Rehabilitation Services at a Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospital

"The diversity of information presented incorporating East Asian Medicine and current science, experience from long term tai chi practitioners and teachers, and the ongoing exploration of teaching approaches through presentations and hands-on interaction are what I've found most helpful."

R.W., East Asian Medicine practitioner, tai chi practitioner of 18 years

"As a medical scientist, I am particularly drawn to the blend of contemporary, evidence-based research with the age-old, meditative practice of tai chi. The relaxing and enjoyable format of the program encourages regular practice and quickly leads to noticeably improved strength, flexibility and balance. As I learn and practice this unique protocol, my own concentration and sustained creativity have benefitted, and I find myself much better able to cope with everyday stresses in my life."

C.H., Associate Immunologist, Surgery, at a Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospital

"I am taking a third year of teacher training modules and discovering deeper meaning each year. This rich program continues to be an invaluable resource, offering expertise and strong support for new programs I now lead in hospital, university and community settings."

N.L., licensed mental health counselor, hospital-based mindfulness instructor, non-profit director

"As a former faculty member in a school of education, I am so impressed by the organization and rich teaching in pedagogy that characterize the training weekends, not to mention the many ways it has transformed my understanding of and commitment to tai chi."

C.R., retired lecturer in Education, tai chi practitioner of 4 years

"Being part of this program has been a very transformative experience for me and I am so grateful to be part of it. I am perhaps most appreciative of the supportive learning environment and the willingness of the teachers to listen and really take the comments of the students seriously. That is clearly evident in the adjustments that have been made to the modules over the year. I have often been told in my work environment that my opinions matter, when in fact nothing changes when I finally get over the fear to voice thoughts or concerns. And having been through the process of getting a Ph.D., I have experienced plenty of fear there, too. This may be an overly personal comment, but it comes from a place of deep appreciation."

J.P., historian, tai chi practitioner of 15 years

"All of the lectures have been extremely interesting. The material can be applied in many different ways. (The) best part is that they prompt us to stretch mentally, as well as physically, even the second time around."

E.H., retired wildlife biologist and educator, tai chi instructor at senior center

"From the very first weekend I appreciated how, through the mindset and qualities you all brought to the training, an atmosphere of depth, focus, trust, openness, respect, and curiosity emerged -- an optimal learning environment. Having several instructors with very different personalities and styles working collaboratively also enhanced the experience and embodied the 'social support' tai chi ingredient."

J.C., environmental and health communications specialist, tai chi practitioner of 3 years

"I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn about the history and research contributing to the development of the Eight Active Ingredients protocol. The teachers' preparedness, curriculum mix, and tone of the presentations were well done."

L.G.K., Registered Nurse, ambulatory risk manager/patient safety advisor
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