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Certification requirements for the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi include:

  1. Modules I-IV and one repeated Module (87.5 hours), completed within a two-year period. The Modules may be taken out of order, with the exception of Module I, which must be the first Module taken. The fifth repeated Module must be selected from Modules II-IV for an additional discounted fee. While not mandatory, participants are strongly encouraged to repeat even more Modules (for the same discounted fee) within the two-year study period. If all five Modules are not completed within a maximum of three years, the cycle is forfeited and the program must be started over, both in terms of Modules and tuition.
  2. Learning a Tai Chi form. Certification requires demonstrated competency in a traditional Tai Chi form. This may include a previously learned Tai Chi form, or learning a new form concurrently with the Teacher Training program (any school, any style). The form must be a traditional form of significant length, with the Beijing standardized 24 Form, as an example, representing the short end of the spectrum. Abbreviated, simplified Tai Chi forms will not qualify.
  3. Testing. After all other requirements have been met, trainees will be tested before being certified. Testing includes: performing a complete Tai Chi form (see above); demonstrating proficiency in teaching the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi protocol; giving a PowerPoint presentation on evidence-based Tai Chi; and knowledge of basic Tai Chi history and concepts assessed with a written exam.
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