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Module I: The Roots of Tai Chi and Qigong
This module lays the foundation for the philosophy of our teacher training program, and introduces the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi protocol. Participants learn about the history of Tai Chi and Qigong, and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Module I also introduces methods of effective teaching through didactic and experiential sessions, which are further developed and woven into Modules II-IV.

Module II: Body -- Strength, Balance and Integrity
Trainees begin teaching the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi protocol to classmates, and receive practical feedback on teaching skills. Through lectures, discussion and experiential exercises, participants are also introduced to foundations of musculoskeletal health, how the healthy body maintains dynamic postural control, and how Tai Chi can help attenuate and rehabilitate age- and disease-related loss of neuro-musculoskeletal health.

Module III: Breath -- The Heart of Tai Chi
Cardiorespiratory health is the focus of this Module. Participants learn the therapeutic principles of Tai Chi that may help prevent cardiovascular disease, and how Tai Chi is being integrated into rehabilitation programs for patients with chronic cardiovascular illness. The importance of breath in Tai Chi and health is explored through traditional Taoist breathing exercises. Trainees continue to practice teaching each other and receive feedback from peers and trainers.

Module IV: Mind -- "Minding" the Body
In this module, we explore the importance of cognitive dimensions of Tai Chi including focused attention, intention, and imagery. The benefits of Tai Chi for cognitive function and psychological well-being are also reviewed, and special attention is given to working with individuals with psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Participants are also introduced to the fundamentals of Tai Chi Push Hands, taught within the framework of the Eight Active Ingredients. Trainees continue to practice teaching each other and receive feedback from peers and trainers. Issues related to business practices, marketing, insurance, and other practical matters are also discussed.
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